Did you forget your mom's birthday... again? Did your nephew not receive a congratulatory card from you for his bar mitzvah? Is your wife fuming mad because, once again, you  failed to send her flowers on your anniversary? Are you constantly having to apologize to your loved ones for forgetting important moments in their lives?

With today's hectic schedules, it is understandable that various birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays (such as Mother's Day) tend to pass by before you even have a chance to think of sending cards or gifts. And this forgetfulness—though understandable—can have serious repercussions. No one wants to be neglected on their special day! It's time to make sure that you never forget about a loved one again. It's time for Remember Me Please.

Remember Me Please will not give out or sell your personal information to any third party. All Delivery services are limited to the United States.